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She crossed her lines when she went on to share some of our inappropriate private life moments with her other sons and family members. How did I find this? Well one of the family member wanted to clarify the events with me. This was one of the step involved in the fabrication of her emotional game. I was not sure whether to laugh at her response or consider it as a reason for our separation. Anyways now after so much manipulation drama by my husband and his family he managed to live separated from me and my baby to please his mother.

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Being married to my first love after 8 long years of relationship our marriage hardly lasted two years. My mother-in-law is good at manipulating people and playing victim. I believed her that she is innocent. Her jealousy towards me was evident when she started comparing her life as wife to me her second daughter-in-law. Everything from losing weight to conceiving would frustrate her. She won’t show it directly though she would frame my parents my sister and myself into a unpleasant irrelevant situation and start to blame inorder to bring an argument between me and my husband. However at a certain point she tried several methods to avoid our relationship after my pregnancy when she made sure she is the main point of contact between me and my husband. One such terrible incident is her proudly stating to everyone who asks why my relationship went sour with my husband is that that she is been maintaining the relationship with him.

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