Never underestimate the power of a girl with a book shirt

An authoritarian state by nature can never tolerate people who value freedom and democracy. This is Hong Kong’s destiny, pre-determined in 1984. The so-called one country two systems is just a lie. With China life is cheap they don’t care a dam. I knew this would happen when we gave up HK. They will knock the churches down next as they are already doing so in China. It’s time for action. The Royal Navy must blockade the Chinese mainland until China submit. US assistance required of course. It dosnt matter, hong kong is part of china. We tried to claim it but it’s not ours too take. We should leave china well alone.

Never underestimate the power of a girl with a book shirt

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Because they want Hong Kong to be as controlled and robotic as China. No freedom of choice no free speech . Hong Kong was great without. At this moment in HK, we still don’t know what are the details of the law, but it will be imposed in the territory 3hours later. Keep those western thieves British colonist out of Hong Kong and sent those clowns paid by CIA to prison. I just wonder where is this anger when Israel illegally annex Palestinian land or India illegally annex Kashmir. How long this hypocrisy will go on.

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