All you need is love and a cat shirt

All you need is love and a cat shirt

That’s a tough question since we sure don’t know All you need is love and a cat shirt that they are thinking. I’m going to say, and this is just my opinion, that after a few weeks they do not recognize her as their mother. I believe dogs make associations with things. In that vein, we rescued a dog who was scared to death of long sticks, brooms, mops, and the like. We never hit him or even threatened to hit him with anything, yet someone in his past had hurt him with something with a stick. He had been a feral Mexican street dog, so we don’t know much about his background. He lives patiently and civilly with our three smaller dogs, (he’s about twice their size) but let him see a big dog and he just becomes maniacally angry. Almost uncontrollable. Luckily way out on a farm.and have a large fenced yard. Now, on the other hand, I raised the French Bulldogs for a few years. Many people noticed how “Frenchies” seem to have an affinity for one another. We have two, a Boston Terrier rescue, and our Mexican dog. Invariably the Frenchies are together.

2020 The year I got to be a stay at home dog mom #quarantine shirt

All you need is love and a cat shirt

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Grooming each other, laying next to each All you need is love and a cat shirt other; one is quite old and doesn’t play much so the younger one plays with the other two. Other Frenchie owners have remarked how these birds of a feather appear to flock together in their cases also. My older one’s siblings have been back to visit and even when their mother was alive I didn’t see any particular recognition or attachment. It would be interesting to know if this occurs in other breeds, particularly ones with unique traits. (dachshunds? etc.) What I do think might happen is that they associate the physical shape and essence of another Frenchie and may associate it with the comfort and pleasure given by their dam and littermates. They are rather unique looking which could account for some of it. They also have some distinct sounds.

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