LGBT Pride Lesbian Tongue sorry can’t gay bye shirt

Well I’m Mexican but you never know ANYONES true intentions, its crazy that this question popped up, just today I met some dude who’s Mexican and doesn’t have papers but he was telling me about his wife and he’s like “yeah she’s white” and I was like “WHAT?!!!” And he’s like yeah I met her at this place where I used to work at making chicken, she was the daughter of the owner. He told me she learned Spanish just to talk to him. So I asked him if her family was cool with him being Mexican since you know how most parents are that they want their kids to date within their own race, and he said they were cool with it and they have 6 years married and he’s about to get his papers fixed by her, but from what he was telling me this man was in love lol. Just make sure he does love you and take things slow. If the House of Representatives thinks he has committed an impeachable offense (“high crimes and misdemeanors”), they can impeach him. Then there will be a trial before the Senate, which requires a 2/3 vote to convict. At the moment that seems unlikely, but if the HR finds enough evidence, they might be able to convince 20 or so Republican Senators (enough to reach that magic 67 votes) to vote for conviction.

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