LGBT dragon heart shirt

I was 14 years old, I was six feet tall, played football, and I was a huge kid, but still 14 years old. I rode a motorcycle to and from school, mostly because I had football and baseball team practices after school, so it made it more convenient for my folks. One day after baseball practice I was going home, stopped for a stop sign a block from home and a 19 year old punk tried to knock me off my motorcycle and steal it. I smacked him in the ribs with my bat, and drove home.

His mom was a cop, she wanted to arrest me, until my parents told her how old I was and then made her son confess to attempting to jack my motorcycle. Things changed immediately, and I certainly was not arrested since defending against forcible auto theft is not illegal (her son had punched me several times, thankfully I ducked and he got my helmet most of the time, only got me a few times before I whacked him with the bat, which only knocked the wind out of him.), auto theft is illegal, but his mother swept that under the rug.

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