John Wick Cyberpunk 2077 burn the city shirt

And there’s no studio I would confidently say can pull up to those expectations. But, according to the devs, while it puts some pressure on them, they wouldn’t do anything different with the project, if the hype was nowhere as excessive. So what I think about it? Anxious until release, but a lot less anxious than if any other studio was making it. Bar maybe Bethesda because they have a bit more experience with the kind of gaming design Cyberpunk is meant to have, or some extent of it, anyways, but they’ve been on the wrong end of the mentula the last few years. The few movies that are truly cyberpunk weren’t really popular. Johnny Mnemonic had it all, and being based on a short story by William Gibson, was as much cyberpunk as you can get, but it wasn’t really all that popular. The only movie I think qualifies as “cyberpunk” and popular” would be Demolition Man; a near-future dystopia with lots of things in the grey areas of morality. You have a struggle between a repressive regime and starving rebels in a high-tech urban setting. And unlike Johnny Mnemonic or Hackers, you have box office sales.

John Wick Cyberpunk 2077 burn the city shirt

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Cyberpunk is a sub-genre of sci-fi that’s set in day-to-day life, usually in an urban setting, where we have advanced technology but only use it terrestrially: no FTL planet-hopping in cyberpunk (or not often, anyway). There are plenty of examples: William Gibson, in literature; Blade Runner is the definitive cyberpunk movie; for comic books it’s hard to do better than Transmetropolitan. A brief look at any of these will give you a good indication of the baseline for cyberpunk. We’re not sure what to feel about that. Of course, we trust CDPR and if they feel that this step is needed they have all of our support. We know that they want to provide their gamers with an outstanding game. But on the other hand, we are too excited to wait any longer and can handle a game with few bugs and glitches. How bad it can be, I mean. It’s CDPR we’re talking about. But in the end, We will have to wait a few more months. Hopefully, it will be released on the promised date and no more delays.


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