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Love to see the law comes true we can prevent the foreign power to destroy hong kong by the way, if the foreign companies are afraid, please leave hong kong. It does not give china power. National security is always Beijing’s responsibility under the local constitution. It just fills a loophole in local law which has been exploited by so many to turn HK into a free for all base to subvert china. The silence on this is absolutely sickening. The West should be ashamed this has been allowed to happened without consequence.

Hard Rock cafe Kenny Chesney signature shirt

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That toe hold the west seems to think it has was lost when they handed over their brands to China for production. Currently a nuclear/ deterrent is just the same as having a big d*ck with nobody to shag. Because money talks, the war right now is information and economics and guess what, China is winning. Does the UK and the EU have their own National security laws? If the answer is yes, then just shut up. To the good and free people of Hong Kong! The world is with you. The Chinese government is no more then a authoritarian military dominated Evil dictatorship.

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