You call it drums but I call love shirt

Then the 419 Nigerian scam got him and he lost his Father’s inheritance money of 300k he would’ve gotten. By that time he was drinking and doing drugs he shouldn’t do. After all of those set backs he never recovered and just kept drinking and drowning pills he shouldn’t have. To survive he got on social security disability and that’s all we had to live on.

You call it drums but I call love shirt

There’s no family like a camping family filled with crazies shirt

Praise him with the string psalm vintage shirt

Nurses are like pineapples tough on the outside sweet on the inside and a will stick you if you rub the mthe wrong way shirt

If you walk a mile in my shoes you will end up in a yarn store shirt

I wish I had a secret library with all the books in the world in it shirt

I rescue fish from water and beer from bottles shirt

Daddy of girls outnumbered but proud happy shirt

Cavalier I let hum know I like him he lets me know he likes me shirt

Blood is red physician assistants are jaded mess with us and you’ll get sedated shirt

It seems the time he really started changing was after we decided not to have any more babies. That’s when his mask fell off and no matter what we did it just all went down hill. He should’ve been a better example to our kids we had, but he was already a totally different man then I’d known beforehand. Our kids suffered immensely because of him. Today I’m still trying to fix all the wrongs with them he caused.


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