2020 The year I got to be a stay at home dog mom #quarantine shirt

2020 The year I got to be a stay at home dog mom #quarantine shirt

There aren’t more dog moms than cat moms. 2020 The year I got to be a stay at home dog mom #quarantine shirt It is just that the dog moms are seen in public with their dogs much more often. When was the last time you sat at an outdoor cafe and had a cat mom come up to sit with her cat on a leash? Not often I bet. Dogs are just more visible than cats. Also, the personalities of dog lovers and cat lovers are different. As a group, not individually, dog people tend to be more gregarious and their dogs are more comfortable with interacting with strangers than the aloof cat will ever be. Of course you also have the blended moms of cats and dogs. I am one of those people. At its height, my herd included 4 dogs, 4 cats, an African Grey parrot, a Beta fish, and two turtles. I had the basis for an ark. However, I do think that cats are featured more often on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites.

2020 The year I got to be a stay at home dog mom #quarantine shirt

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The dogs are out at the dog park sniffing butts, no photos please.  2020 The year I got to be a stay at home dog mom #quarantine shirt If you are dog mom, then this Mother’s Day, you deserve to be celebrated, too! Being a Dog Mom means planing your Day-to-Day life around your four lagged companion’s schedules. that means coming home at a certain time, making sure he’s well-fed, and taking him on daily adventures.  AF is a fad right now. It means “as f*#k” which in current street slang means more or less “as all hell” or “as all get out” or “to the max”…take your pick. So if you wear a shirt that says “Dog Mom AF,” you are a totally committed dog mom, and perhaps a person with no taste in clothing. Your question is ambiguous, but I assume you are asking why other animals don’t adopt humans (since humans obviously do adopt other animals, especially dogs and cats, or the rabbit sitting behind me at the moment).

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